Vapes are a great alternative to cigarettes. Many smokers have begun their quitting journey by switching to vapes as they have a way lower nicotine concentration. If you are a smoker, looking to embark on your smoke-free journey, definitely do not miss out on vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes. You will still have the satisfaction of inhaling while also making a safer and healthier choice by choosing vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes. 

Begin your scrolling saga as we have curated a list of top vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes that are also affordable choices and are just as fun. 

Top 6 Options To Buy Vapes Online 

Mr. Vapor Flex

This ultimate vape buddy will be your on-the-go favorite in no time. Available in 26 vibrant flavors, Mr. Vapor Flex will elevate your vaping experience almost instantly, and smoking cigarettes will be a distant memory. This is a 2000-puff and disposable vape, offering an out-of-the-world vaping experience, and is the best vape for quitting smoking cigarettes. This can easily be your best shot to buy vape online as, this is powered by a resilient 1050mAh battery and is designed on the latest, mesh coil technology. 

Bid farewell to dry hits and boring dull clouds as the compact yet high-performing shell of this device holds 6ml of 5% TFN vape juice. The nicotine strength of this power vape is 5% and it offers 2000 puffs per device. Each device's color matches its flavor which makes it very easy to identify and stand out in a bag full of vapes. So, carry your flex everywhere you go with Mr. Vapor Flex!


Mr. Vapor Luxbar

This 5000-puff, power packed vape is literally heaven, packed in a bottle. You are sure to experience a burst of query flavors right after the first inhale. Available in 18 flavors, from Cheery Applefest to Tropical Rainbow, the Mr. Vapor Luxbar is your best vape companion for a fun-filled vacation. 

The nicotine concentration stands at 5% salt with 11ml of shell capacity. This one is a pure blend of portability and flavors. All you got to do is just slide it in your pockets and you are ready to hop on a vacation. This makes an ultimate travel buddy as it offers a whopping 5000 puff with minimal charging, that lasts more than 24 hours. 

TWST Salt 

An inhale of strawberry lemonade and an exhale of minty flavors, sending chills of menthol right down your spine… sounds exciting? This is exactly what our TWST Salt is all about. 

This compact yet robust vape is the solution to your smoke-free lifestyle and is the best option out there for vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes. From sweet to tangy, these juicy vapes are sure to leave a mouth-watering impression on you. This 60ml E-liquid vape sets a new standard and is low on nicotine as well. 


Breeze Plus 

Make space for the coolest vape to buy online! Our Breeze Plus took no time to become our hottest-selling vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes. You get 800 puffs of 5% nicotine salt e-liquid to keep you charged and ready to roll all day long. Make no compromise on portability as this industry-leading device runs on a powerful 650mAh battery, designed to keep the vape as compact as possible. 

Your taste buds will thank you as Breeze Plus comes with 17 delicious flavors, be it peach soda or cola mint. The sleek design fits right into your hands for a convenient vape session from start to finish. 


Rabbeats RC 10000

Are you also sick of frequently charging your vape and waiting for long hours to have it all juiced up? Then, you totally need our Rabbeats vape. To buy vape online, you must really pay attention to the battery strength and most vapes require frequent charging which really messes up the whole experience. 

However, the Rabbeats RC10000 lets you take 10,000 puffs per bottle which easily makes it an industry leader. You get to choose from many fruity delicacies as the flavors are carefully designed to make your taste buds burst. This 18ml of product offers unlimited enjoyment and is enough for not just you but a party full of your buddies as well. 


Top Shine Ultra 

Say hello to your very own cloud chaser that is sure to take you to another dimension with its dense clouds and delicious flavors. This is a vape enthusiast’s dream come true as our Top Shine Ultra gives you 6,500 endless puffs with a 14ml capacity. 

Dive into a flavourful delicacy and enjoy 16 quirky options to choose from. This device is designed so innovatively and puts in total control of your vaping experience. If you are a smoker looking for vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes, this definitely tops the list of vapes for you to explore. The 5% nicotine concentration is ideal for slowly getting rid of smoking and still having the satisfaction of inhaling. 

In conclusion, Smoky Supplies’ vapes are far better than cigarettes and these options are just perfect for anyone looking to switch to vapes for quitting smoking cigarettes. Vapes make a perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes since they have a very low nicotine percentage but offer the same experience as smoking cigarettes. Another amazing factor is that Smoky Supplies’ vapes are convenient to carry around and come in endless flavors of your choice. So think no further and grab your favorite vapes from the Smoky Supplies’ website and enjoy a healthier and safer smoke sesh.