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 Vapes for Beginners

So, you are going to give up smoking? What next, vaping? Well, it is a truly transformative step you make for your life’s quality. Before starting vaping, you will want to pick the most suitable vapes for your needs. Keep reading to know more about the different types of vaporizers and things to consider for getting the most suitable product that meets

your needs in the best possible manner. Vaping is not smoking, but the only common factor is that they both contain nicotine.

Cigarette brands are the same, but this is not the case when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Many vapes are designed for beginners while others are for advanced

vapers to provide them with an excellent vaping experience. Different vape kit brands provide users with something slightly different from one another.


A Vape Starter Kit:

 A vape starter kit is different from plain vaping tools. The kit includes everything that a beginner needs to start vaping. You can have a vape tank, replacement coils or pods, and a charging cables. A full starter kit needs a beginner to just add e-liquid.

 vaping tools

Various kinds of vape kits Identifying the standard type of device will help you easily shop for your first vape kit. Most of the kits come under 4 categories, such as:


Pod Vaping System :



It comes with a vaping device that contains the vape juice in a plastic pod within an in-built atomizer coil. Beginners can find it great as it does great with e-liquids of high nicotine dosages. You are advised to choose nicotine salt vape juice as it will go well with the pod system and provide you with a great vaping experience.


Vape Pens :

Vape pens


These vape pens look larger than pod systems and are excellent for superb vapor production and battery life. Beginners with high nicotine needs can go for this type of vape. This model serves as a step-up device for pod system owners and ensures better performance.


Box Mods :

Box mods

The best box mode vapes available in the market! They come with tanks to facilitate direct-to-lung inhaling, which is not suitable for beginners. You can visit our smoky store to find the perfect suitable vapes for you


 Disposables vapes :

Disposables vapes

This is a one-time-use vaping system that does not include a refilling tank or a rechargeable battery. They can be called puffs disposable vapes as they provide around 400 puffs, which is equal to one pack of normal cigarettes. Disposables vapes are the convenient option and are the best way to learn what an e-cigarette tastes like.


Breeze Vapes :

Breeze vapes

This is a user-friendly option for beginners looking for a portable vaping experience. It has been designed as a self-contained vaping solution that does not need maintenance or filling. The major attraction of Breeze vape is the pre-filled e-liquid cartridges that capsulize a mix of ingredients that offer a flavoured vapor.


 Which is the best vaping kit for beginners?

  After learning the factors mentioned above, you might say that vape pens and pod systems are the best kits for beginners. The reason could be the smallest devices they boast of and being small helps you to know how to use them. These small devices best serve beginners as they come with high-nicotine e-liquids. New vapers will want to use a high-strength for excellent nicotine-delivery exposure and a firm throat hit that simulates the feel of smoking a real cigarette.


Things to consider when buying the first vape kit

 So, you have learned the various types of vape kits available in the market and our store. Now, check out the qualities or attributes that a best-quality beginner vape kit should have:


  • Check and ensure the device has a built-in battery for great convenience
  • Choose a device that has a simple control scheme so that you don’t end up not
  • understanding how to use the device.
  • If you are buying a vape pen, pick one with a refilling tank.
  • Beginners with a need for high-nicotine strength should go for a device that offers mouth-to-lung inhaling.